Sounds 4 Europe

Music for an in Europe

The diversity and openness of Europe is close to our hearts. We are Europeans and thankful to live here on this continent - in peace, in freedom and united. To keep it that way, we want to send a message to the world in our own way:
With our song for Europe!

After all, only a few things are daily so present, familiar and so influential in our lives as music.

EUROPA is great! With free borders, different cultures and values. Therefore, we believe it is important for us all to work for a united, peaceful Europe and to shape Europe's future together.

Out of the song production arose the idea of creating a platform that unites people from different nations musically.

No matter if you are a musician, producer, DJ, a fan od Europe, music fan or similar. Be part of our journey and support us with your ideas to realize this vision together.

Our vision includes:

  • Collaborations
  • Compilations
  • Concerts
  • Festivals
  • Tours
  • Networking
  • Events


Here we lay the foundation for the platform and count on your support - so post, like and share our song!

Let’s groove into the future together!

We would like to thank our friend Oliver Hermes for the song idea as well as the firing impulse. Special thanks goes to our Alina, whom we owe all designs and graphics, and to our great brother Darius who has programmed and got this platform to work, in which all the content you can see, read and hear here is merged.


We can do something every day to strengthen Europe.

The Artists

We, Camilla and Paul, strongly affected by musical influences since our childhood, have brought our friends on board for the first project on this platform: Neal and Alba. Together we have created our Song for Europe.

  • Paul

  • Tony T.

    Main Vocal
  • Alba Kras

    Refrain Vocal
  • Camilla

    Refrain Vocal

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